We intend to provoke thought and instigate change through street art, conceptual visual art, music, social commentary and poetry. These mediums are combined to reflect the current expression of human behavior under the influence of material manipulation, government control, religious fanaticism and social media. The result of these influences is the continuous dumbing down of society and culture.


    The ever expanding capabilities of modern technology has brought rise to a new mutation of the popularity contest. These contests are not, for the most part, based on sharing skills and talents but instead they have become a form of narcissistic show and tell. They revolve around the willingness to capture and share images that objectify and expose oneself in order to receive the most attention. The product is a new strain of "famous" that comes from being liked for "likes" sake. Meanwhile, big business and big brother spy, sell, plunder and profit from the information, personal or otherwise, that everyone willingly disseminates.


    Aspects of the ego can drive us to "sell our souls". These days people can get caught on the cyber "wheel of like", continually chasing acceptance and validation from "followers" and fake friends. Within this cyber-trap also emerges a new forum to create your cyber-self and a simulacrum or substitute reality. This reality becomes the digital myth that people project to others and the world and in the process potentially forget who they truly are.


    When someone is content with who they are, they rarely feel the need to prove to others how great they have it. Celebrating success is healthy until it becomes an impulse to excessively flaunt and prove this greatness to others as this only feeds and inflates their narcissism. The paradox within this construct is that people can also lose their sense of identity when they are regularly besieged by the excessive images put forth by others. This generates envy and they are left feeling inadequate and in turn, develop an insatiable hunger for acceptance that seems impossible to obtain or satisfy.

  • OUR (NOT SO)

    Artists create for the sake of expressing their inspirations and in ways that are not always motivated by following the current trends but by reacting to them. This provokes an audience to question reality and popular culture. The desire for material and financial success has overshadowed these questioning impulses, under the dominance of industry control. This inoculates artists from the courage to examine trends and challenge authority. The result of this is an environment where the audience is only provided a specific menu of artistic choices from a predesignated format. The trapping of artistic freedoms and the numbing of human curiosity creates a sheep "follower" culture.


    Nothing compares to the sweet scents found in Nature or the smell of perfume on warm skin, the electric exchange during eye contact, the varied sensations of touch, the heart's beat and the stirring frequencies of sound and music. These true organic experiences create tangible memories. The experiences found in the cyber-scape made of 1's and 0's, redundant texts and legions of selfies do not hold the potency of lived experience and cease to have a lasting impact on our memory and in our soul.


    The time is now to raise the bar and stop scraping the bottom. From these low points, let us observe what is broken, see the reflective truth from this perspective and choose not to run or hide from it but embrace what we can learn and salvage. With these discoveries, we can forge ahead on a deeper quest for truth, purpose, love and perhaps find what we have lost along life's many roads.
    We can collectively co-create the world we dream about.
    These are the days…


    Whose world do you live in?
    Are you living the life you want to be living?

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