Blakhat is a conceptual, multi media statement-orientated performance art project intended to provoke thought and instigate change. Street art, conceptual visual art, music, commentary and poetry all combined, pointing out the hard truths of society, government control, religious fanaticism, human interaction, the dumbing down of our current culture. A social hacker.


    With the rise of technology also came the rise of social media populairty contests. Popularity and status are not necessarily based on true talent, art or skill, but rather one's willingness to objectify oneself or be purely famous for being famous. Meanwhile, big business and big brother spy, sell, pluunder and profit on all of the information, personal or otherwise, that everyone willingly disseminates.


    Our egos drive us to sell our souls for “followers” and fake friends. We all want to be accepted and liked, engaged in a true cyber popularity contest where it isn’t about who you really are, but rather who you want people to believe you are. Most profiles don’t match up with reality. The real myth is the false persona one projects: a digital mirage.


    If someone is content with who they are, they surely wouldn't need to let all the strangers of the world know just how great they have it. Being happy with themselves would be enough. It seems we are all really just lost and begging for acceptance, while we cry on the inside, wasting time staring at everyone else's projected life in envy.

  • OUR (NOT SO)

    Remember the time when great artists, musicians, film makers, writers created for themselves and art's sake, regardless of the current times and trends? In the past, art pushed boundaries to make us question reality and our place in the world, to foster radical change. Success is no longer gauged on those metrics, but rather how much money an 'artist' makes.. Art is not created to provoke, but instead to placate. Art is created for the audience, not to challenge the audience. Everything must fit its predesignated format. Being a great artist isn't enough to ensure mainstream success.. We all are happily dancing away to meaningless 'music' and beats spat out by a computer, escaping from a world we think we cannot change.


    Give me the smell of perfume, eye contact, the first touch, a heartbeat, feeling, and real music to my ears...and all those redundant text messages and doctored photos will cease to have any lasting impact. Our memory relates our experiences to their corresponding senses. Life is an organic experience, not a digital one made up of 1s and 0s in cyber space.


    This is our world and we must collectively create the perfect world we all dream about - not run and hide from the current broken one. The time is now, more than ever,
    to raise the bar and stop scraping the bottom. We all need each other.
    We all search for meaning and purpose and truth and true love.
    We need to find it all within ourselves. Lost on life's road we all are…


    Whose world do you live in...
    and are you living the life you want to be living?

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